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The Hyperpicture and the Upcoming Culture of Understanding and Dialog

The Hyperpicture is a repository of links to news, videos, reports and interviews that reveal the decline and fall of the western mindset (command and control / static logic) and the upcoming culture of understanding and dialog.

This place will be in a constant draft mode.

The big idea is to later on, during 2011, use the links here in presentations where I will pinpoint the historical process of the upcoming culture of understanding and dialog. Meanwhile Hyperpicture can be used to discover absorbing stuff for insights and ideas.

The main focus of Hyperpicture will be to present material where arguments can be followed step by step. This means for example that the documentary The Century of the Self is here in its own right since it is possible to follow Adam Curtis arguments, step by step, that even is backed up with historic facts. But a movie like "Zeitgeist" will, later on, be presented as an interesting specimen of popular culture in a time of drastic change; since arguments in this movie can not be followed step by step.

Most of the material will be in English.

Later on I hope to transfer the all the stuff to a wiki so everyone can put in material.

Your suggestions and comments are welcomed!

Ola Alexander Frisk